Training as hard and smart as humanly possible is not going to come close to achieving optimum results without a nutritional program that is equally as well designed and effective. Both of these aspects together are not going to yield optimum results without proper rest, minimum exposure to toxic chemicals, reduced stress levels, and many other factors. Whether it’s to prepare for a show or to be fit and healthy, my mission is to educate clients about exercise, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to empower athletes & all walks of life to make the most of their abilities through knowledge, direction, and encouragement.

  • The Naturally Fit Federation Event & Production Manager
  • The NFF Super Show Manager 
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, CDN
  • Member of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)
  • Member of the International Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
  • Member of the National Gym Association
  • Owner – TLABZ Nutrition & Training
  • Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique & Bikini Posing Coach
  • Competitive Athlete for 12 years
  • Active Judge




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